Meet mia

Meet mia

mia is your personal digital concierge. She’s your room key, your check-in assistant and your own room control. This means no physical check-ins or check-outs. Your room lighting and temperature are fully customisable — all set by you to suit your needs and ensure you get a great night’s sleep throughout your stay.

Hello, mia here.

Here are just a few of the things you can do with me.

Firstly, as mentioned earlier, once downloaded onto your mobile, not only am I your room key, but you can use me to access the hotel at any time of day or night.

You want to adjust your room temperature to suit? Go ahead and do it using one of my sliders.

Want to adjust the level or colour of light in your room? Yes, I can do that for you as well.

Had a big night and don’t want to be woken, simply set DND (Do Not Disturb) and I’ll make sure you are left to your own devices.

Want your room cleaned? Easy, just tell me and we’ll be onto it.

mia is your digital concierge. She’s your room key, your check-in assistant, your personal room control and she’s always there to help.

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    App Lighting

    Through mia, our app, you can adjust the brightness and colour of the lights in your room remotely, allowing you to set the mood before even entering.
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    App Key

    No keys or key cards to lose, our app mia is the key to your room. Download it to your smartphone and you can come and go as you please.
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    Heating and Air-con

    The heating and air conditioning in your room can be controlled through our app, mia, allowing you to warm up or cool down without even getting out of bed.
Always evolving, always listening

Always evolving, always listening

All of us at mi-pad are relentless in looking for ways that technology can be used to benefit all of our guests’ needs, and as your personal digital concierge, I always want to know if there any other ways you think I could help improve your mi-pad experience.



coming soon

  • local_activity

    mia Local

    mia local keeps you in the loop about what’s happening around you while you stay with us. Things to do, places to go, openings, special offers, you name it, we will connect you with it.
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    mia Social

    mia social will let you share your experience with us, other hotel guests, and your family and friends.

mia here, I'm listening

Is there another way you think I could improve your mi-pad experience?

Tell me about it.