Guest FAQs

  • You may notice that we have sensors under the bed and in the shower and toilet.

    These are here for your benefit at night but there are some things to be aware of:

    • The sensors under the bed come on when you step out of bed at night – they are dimmed and light the way to the shower and toilet.
    • The sensor in the toilet is on 10% brightness at night and will stay on for twenty seconds if no movement, after which time it will turn off. Please ensure you close the door to prevent movement in the room setting the sensor off.
    • The sensor in the shower turns on 10% brightness for ten seconds. Please ensure you close the door to prevent movement in the room setting the sensor off.
    • If you need longer in either the shower or toilet at night, please use the light control pad next to the bed to simply turn them on or off.
  • You can operate the air conditioning either via the mi-pad app “mia” or through the control pad next to the bed. Temperatures can be set between 18 and 24 degrees.

    There are motion sensors in the room that will keep your temperature set as long as the room is occupied but once you vacate the room, the air conditioning will return to 18 degrees after thirty minutes. This is done as an energy saving measure to minimise energy waste in the hotel as part of our environmental initiatives.

    If you have the mia app, you can set the temperature from outside the room so it’s perfect for when you return.

  • We’ve done away with the Do Not Disturb / Make Up My Room door handle signs. Instead, you will find a key pad by the door on which there are two options – Do Not Disturb and Make Up Room.  Pressing the Do Not Disturb will turn the outside door panel red and prevent the housekeepers from ringing the bell or entering your room for as long as you leave it on for. Make Up Room will turn the pad blue and indicate to the staff to service the room and allow them access to do so.

  • Our mi-pad cups are made from a polymer by a specially designed machine we own. The mi-pad cups can ultimately be recycled to reproduce the same cup, so creating a fully closed loop! In the meantime they are washable and re-usable.

    The cups are based on the design of a stemless wine glass and can also be used for hot and cold drinks, and ice, available in our smartbar offering in the hallway on each guest level.

    Please feel free to use these cups in the smart bar vending machines instead of the compostable paper vending cups which dispense – simply place the cup in the machine in a position that activates the light in the dispenser and select your drink. With the light on, the machine will not dispense a takeaway cup. Re-cycle, re-use, reduce.

  • Here at mi-pad, we’ve digitised and concealed our safes into the drawer to the side of your bed. If you pull the drawer open, you’ll find the keypad and instructions on how to use the safe. Touch the screen to activate. Our safes are designed for storing small personal items, sensitive documents and laptop and tablet computers.

  • We have an industry leading water filtration system in the hotel that ensures all water is filtered as it enters the building, long before it reaches the hot water system or the cold.  This means the water from the taps and ice machines is perfectly safe to drink.  We encourage all guests to refill any reusable water bottles before venturing out.

  • Indeed.  The towel rail in your room is heated between the hours of 6am and 10am and again between 6pm and 10pm.  Please hang your towels on the rail if you wish to dry and re-use them as nothing quite beats a warm, dry towel!  Otherwise, please leave your towels on the floor and we’ll replace them with fresh ones.